The current story of the future is about reduction. But it’s not. It’s about renewable energy, a clean sustainable world, abundance.
We need another story.

Let’s write that story of smart energy and electrical charging together.

BlueMarble Charging, manufacturer of OSTRA charging stations, optimizes electric vehicle charging, parking - and energy management where most of the charging takes place: home, building, parking and public locations. Next generation charging solutions that connect e-mobility, parking, building management, energy storage and smart energy. We bring you the tools and services to anticipate new market demands. Join us to be ready for the e-mobility and energy transition.
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“The famous BlueMarble image of our earth taken from the Apollo mission in 1972 was the inspiration to choose BlueMarble as company and brand name. It is the metaphor for our personal drivers to preserve our planet and our conviction that partial solutions cannot prevent climate change.”

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OSTRA Charging
Ready for today and for the future

OSTRA is the new generation of smart charging stations, made for mass adoption of e-mobility. The charging stations combine stunning Dutch design with innovative micro electronics and electrical engineering. OSTRA charging stations have a compact appearance and are easy to install in any home, building, parking or public location. Efficient and compliant with the highest standards in safety.Equipped with BlueMarble software, OSTRA is prepared for multiple smart charging and dynamic load balancing strategies.  100% OCPP and OCPI compatible.

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Future ready smart charging network
State of the art volume product
Dutch design for home, building, parking and public locations
Unique PERLA swap and replace concept
charging station

Our BlueMarble world revolves around sustainable solutions and software. Are you future ready?

The transition to e-mobility means a transition to sustainable, fossil-free energy. Going forward, this can contribute significantly to the Paris climate agreement. EV’s are a big part of this movement and they make us rethink the way we use public spaces and buildings and how to manage these spaces. Consequently operators in these sectors have new needs and demands concerning the shape of their management.
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These new challenges require an integral vision and integral solutions, because the total energy demand of the underlying processes will undoubtedly be bigger than the available capacity. So we need smart systems that ensure the available resources meet the targets and interests of all parties concerned. BlueMarble Charging – in co-operation with visionary partners - is all about developing such a smart charging infrastructure and being a key player in the transition to e-mobility.

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