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BlueMarble Charging hardware solutions

BlueMarble Charging
Embedded solutions

In order to combine excellent performance with a sleek, compact design BlueMarble Charging developed a whole new series PCB’s for EV charging stations.

Powerful 1-3 phase 32A
Onboard DC6mA protection and AC30mA monitor
OCPP compliant
Perfect for all markets

BlueMarble Charging
Smart Charging solutions

Dynamic Load Balancing means safe charging with optimal usage of the available power. It enables flexible charging and more efficient energy management. And easy installation of more charging stations. It protects against overloads, avoids peaks in electricity consumption and extra costs when increasing the grid connection.

Unique BlueMarble gateways in combination with BlueMarble cloud services software manage all charging. Establish cloud connection through GSM or ethernet. Choose either RF or ethernet to connect with the charge points.

BlueMarble Charging
hot swap technology

Hot swap technology enables a simple switch of the micro-electronics part. For example, from a socket to a fixed cable version or vice versa. Or to a version with more power or different features. Faster installation, easy maintenance, evolving with the demands resulting in lower costs and investments for the owner.

OEM Solutions

BlueMarble is the innovative powerhouse behind your products and services in e-mobility and energy management: design, - hardware electronics, communication and software technology. The Perla and OSTRA concept is especially developed in a way that enables you to manufacture and adapt OEM versions to your own design. Easy and cost friendly. Also, the BlueMarble controller (PCB) and gateway are engineered as OEM solution. Choose BlueMarble OEM software to integrate with your applications and service.

Open standards
No lock-ins
Multi brand support
OCPP and OCPI ready
Microsoft application platform
Amazon Web Services

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